Who is iConnecta Information Systems ? A Software and Mobile App development firm own by C.E.O Master Franklin Nwadike. iConnecta Brand Spcialize in software Development.
Who is Frankputer IT Solutions ? A Computer Network Service Provision firm own by C.E.O Master Franklin Nwadike.Frankputer Brand Spcialize in Network Infrastructure.
What Services do iConnecta Offer ? Sofware Development , Mobile App development ,electronic payment services,e-Invocing and Payroll services.
What Services do Frankputer Offer ? Computer Networking ,Satellite Broadband Services, Internet Bandwidth provider, Fiber Optic Networking ,Power Backup Services ,Solar Electric Power Generation.
Why is both Name on the Website ? Both company are own by the same C.E.O.
Where is Our Office Location? visit www.iconnecta.net/office_branch.php or visit www.iconnecta.net home page , Hover on Contact Us , Click on office Branch, you will get detail address of our physical office branches.
How Can i Contact iConnecta ? Through our live chat from 10am-5pm , write an email to support@iconnecta.net ,frankputer@yahoo.com , visit www.iconnecta.net/office_branch.php or call our technical support line(07030119863).
Are Customers Welcome to any of our Office branches? Yes, you are always welcome.
Can a Customer Give Advice to iConnecta ? YES, through live chat or write an email to support@iconnecta.net , frankputer@yahoo.com with subject -> Business Advice or contribution.
How can i Buy ePin from iConnecta ? Visit www.iconnecta.net ,click on Buy Now, adjust quantity to your desire,click process order, fill out the customer order request form,click preview order to see what you are about to order, make payment by entering your ATM card(master card,VISA, and bank transfar , etc) details and your ePin will be generated automaticaly .
How can i Make Payment ? You can make payment using your ATM debit card(master card,VISA, and bank transfar , etc)
Do iConnecta request for your ATM card Pin ? NO, Your bank will send an OTP number to your registered phone number, after verification by your bank, the transaction will be approved and completed if your supplied OTP is valid or decline if OTP is invalid.
Do we store your card details ? NO , we only deliver value after we have receive payment, we only store customer order details on our database for future tracking.
Is my ATM card protected against fraud ? Yes, we(iConnecta) and your Bank have implement all the neccessary securities to keep your ATM card safe(hard coded modules , HTTPS,TLS,SSL handshake).
How do i Enter my ATM Card Details ? After placing an order request, you will be prompted to make payment, our payment gateway will automaticall be loaded, prompting for your ATM card details.
What is an OTP ? Online Transaction Pin(OTP) is an autheriztion pin issue by your bank through your registered bank account mobile number to enable you acknowledge,approve and authorize any initiated payment transaction.
How can i get an OTP ? By initiating a payment order.
Do iConnecta Store My OTP ? NO , it's a burden.
Do iConnecta store customer ATM card number? NO , it's a burden.
How do i get ePin after Payment ? ePin is automatically generated and serve immediatly after payment is successful.always take note of your tracking number,this will enable you track your transactions.you can always contact us if you misplace your epin,tracking number after successful payment.send an email to sales@iconnecta.net.
My Payment was decline ? Check your account balance, Check your card expiry date, check your card number and CVV code,and the phone number registered on the account, if all is correct kindly contact your bank with a complain.
Can my transation be reversed and refund ? YES/NO , YES if service is not delivered / NO if we deliver value immediatly after payment. however we are open to help you through any challenge you might experience or find your self in while using our online services.
How do i see a sample ePin ? Visit sample epin
How can i buy Bulk ePin ? adjust your order quatity to reflect the bulk quantity you need.ePin will be generated base on the quantity in your placed order.
How can i know if Bulk quantity is out of stock ? Yes it's possible , Increase the order quantity using the increase(+) Qty button while placing an order, when you get to order preview, the availability status will indicate if stock is available for your order quantity or not.This feature will be disable if it's missue against the system integrity , also you can alert our sales department through email, sales@iconnecta.net or frankputer@yahoo.com regarding this issue.
How can i know if bulk purchase/ request is available ? Yes it's Possible, when you get to order preview, the system will not allow you to proceed with payment as the MAKE PAYMENT button will not be active, this issue can be resolve by adjusting your order quantity on till the availablity status on the order preview page becomes AVAILABLE, also you can alert our department through email, sales@iconnecta.net or frankputer@yahoo.com regarding this issue.
why my transaction was abandoned? Abandonment of transaction can occure due to inability of our server and your bank to establish good communication. you can also check your network connection as a remedy, it could also be that your bank network is not available or there is an ongoing maintenance.

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